Book Review: Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!

Our kids and I have been trying to go by the library weekly to do some school (we homeschool) and borrow some books. I decided to start reviewing one or two books a week. There are so many children’s books to choose from. I enjoy discovering which books our kids like so that we have ideas for gifts we might get friends and family. 
Last week, we found the hardcover version of “Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!” by Maureen Wright and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. 
The story is about Big Bear who can’t hear very well. Every time Old Man Winter tells him it’s time to sleep, Big Bear is just sure he heard something else. Big Bear keeps thinking that Old Man Winter is telling him to do something like sweep or leap until Old Man Winter finds a way to get his attention. 
The whole concept is adorable and I liked how the author used rhymes to make the story line flow. The illustrations are beautiful. For two of the pages, the book needed to be turned sideways to see the images, which is something our kids have always liked in picture books. Our kids (3 and 8) both enjoyed the book and have asked to read it several times this week. 
I definitely recommend “Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!” if you’re looking for a new title to add to your child’s book collection. I saw that Maureen Wright has several other Big Bear books available and we plan to read them in the future. 

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