Missing Writer – Recovered!

Or at least partially recovered. 
I apologize for my lack of posts this last week. My husband was out of state for work. He left early Monday morning. The kids and I managed to not drive each other completely insane while he was gone and then picked him up from the airport again very early Friday morning. And I do mean early. I woke the kids up at midnight and we drove to the airport. The kids were so excited to see their daddy! I was as well, it was good to finally have my best friend and husband back home again. 
Being home alone with the two kids for extended periods of time is not new. When our daughter was a baby, he flew out of state for work five days out of the week for eight months. But it has been a while since I had experienced being a temporary single mom. While I am very thankful this is not something that happens often, it does serve as a good reminder of things that I tend to take for granted. 
I know it’s true that “you do what you gotta do.” I think that’s the case for everyone, no matter where they are in life. You take the circumstance you’re in, see the positives, and go forward. We all have challenges – it’s what tests us, refines us, and pushes us to improve ourselves and our situations.
This writer is back and I look forward to blogging regularly again. I appreciate your patience through this past week. 

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