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It Has Begun!

Falling Leaves means Falling Prices at the Clean Indie Reads Fall Sale! 
Are you looking to stock up on a bunch of books to read over the winter? Are you thinking about sending some books to friends and family for Christmas? Check out these amazing sales! There are a lot of books available for free, $0.99, $1.99 and up. Don’t miss out! 
This sale will be going from October 5th through October 11th. 
Click here for a list of the books on sale. 

My novel, Calming the Storm, will be available for $0.99 during this sale as well. I know that I will be going through that list above and picking up some books to read. 
Click here for blog hop information.
We are also having a blog hop to go along with this sale. I will be participating in this fun event as well. Watch for my post on October 9th! Meanwhile, please do go check out the authors who are participating each day. You’ll learn more about them, their work, and some authors are offering small giveaways each day as well.
Do you like to browse on Amazon? Click here for lists related to our sale.
A member of the CIR team put together these lists on Amazon featuring all of the books we have on sale. Browse by genre to find that perfect book you’re looking for!
And remember, all of these titles are flinch-free and guilt-free!

Clean Indie Reads – Fall Sale Coming Soon!

I am so excited to announce that Clean Indie Reads is hosting a Fall Clean Book Sale. This is a massive sale with eBooks that range from free to $4.99. My novel, Calming the Storm, will be included in this sale and will be available for $0.99. 
The sale will take place October 5th – 11th. 
You will not want to miss it! 

Fall Clean Book Sale