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Book Review: Cork & Fuzz Wait a Minute

I am always on the lookout for a new reader for our son. He’s actually progressed past these level 3 readers, but when I saw “Cork & Fuzz Wait a Minute” by Dori Chaconas, I couldn’t pass it up. The cover, illustrated by Lisa McCue, is adorable and drew me right in. 
The book itself is about two friends – a possum named Fuzz and Cork the muskrat – who come across a yellow balloon. They don’t know what the balloon is and they go through a series of guesses as they try to chase it down. 
The characters are well developed for a story of this length. I found myself liking both of them. I also found the tale to be very original and it brought a smile to my face. Best of all, both of our kids enjoyed the book and we read it more than once. 
This is a series of readers that I plan to collect so that we’ll have them available for when our daughter, who is three now, is learning to read.