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Formatting Issues

I have not had issues with Blogger in the past, but today I have been having some major formatting issues. I’m hoping that, by posting this, it will clear it up off of Faith Blum’s blog post and maybe I won’t have similar issues again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

Updating the Blog

Please forgive the lack of new blog posts this week. I’ve been working on the blog itself this afternoon. I eventually want a customized theme, but that’s going to take some researching on my part. 😉
New Layout
I altered some of the design on my blog, moving the archive to the left and changing the look on the right hand side. I hope this makes it easier to spot everything. 
There are now tabs near the top of my blog. You can easily move between them and I’ll be adding more soon. You can use these tabs to find out more about me, to see the books that I have available, get updated information on my new work in progress, and more. 
I also implemented a new theme. What do you think?

Missing Writer – Recovered!

Or at least partially recovered. 
I apologize for my lack of posts this last week. My husband was out of state for work. He left early Monday morning. The kids and I managed to not drive each other completely insane while he was gone and then picked him up from the airport again very early Friday morning. And I do mean early. I woke the kids up at midnight and we drove to the airport. The kids were so excited to see their daddy! I was as well, it was good to finally have my best friend and husband back home again. 
Being home alone with the two kids for extended periods of time is not new. When our daughter was a baby, he flew out of state for work five days out of the week for eight months. But it has been a while since I had experienced being a temporary single mom. While I am very thankful this is not something that happens often, it does serve as a good reminder of things that I tend to take for granted. 
I know it’s true that “you do what you gotta do.” I think that’s the case for everyone, no matter where they are in life. You take the circumstance you’re in, see the positives, and go forward. We all have challenges – it’s what tests us, refines us, and pushes us to improve ourselves and our situations.
This writer is back and I look forward to blogging regularly again. I appreciate your patience through this past week. 

No Internet – Still

Hi Everyone!
I apologize for the lack of blog posts. We still have no internet access at our home. They say that will be fixed sometime tomorrow and I really hope that will be the case. Meanwhile, I appreciate your patience with my lack of an online presence! 
Amazon has Calming the Storm on sale for the paperback version. Instead of the regular $9.99, you can get it for $8.99. I have no idea how long the sale is good for. 
I think my family and I are just going to hang out together today for Labor Day. I’m very thankful that my husband has the day off and that we get a rare three-day weekend! 
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day. Hoping to see you online more often starting sometime tomorrow! 

Titles, Tuesday, and Tooth Pain

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 
I’m experiencing some tooth pain today and that has me struggling to keep any real focus in my day so far. I actually broke a large section off of a pre-molar over two weeks ago. I’ve been very thankful that I’ve not had pain up until yesterday. Now it’s just enough to be distracting and is causing my sinuses to feel congested as well. It could be worse – at least I will have relief after tomorrow when the tooth is extracted. 
Between tooth pain and refreshing my Amazon author page (the paperback version of Calming the Storm should be available any day now), I’ve been working on my next book. It’s the first of a series called “State of the Heart.” I have a lot of ideas for the cover of this first book and will be taking photos for it next week. It is my goal to have a cover as well as a title to share with you all by September 5th.
I want to thank you all again for your interest and support. I hope you find today to be a blessing!


Hello and welcome to my new blog! I’m trying to get everything set up so please be patient with me. I want this blog to be a place to post information about my next book, from sneak peeks at the cover to excerpts. I also want to be able to talk about some of my favorite books that I’ve read lately, provide some links that might help whether you are a reader or a fellow author, and more.

Much like the characters in the books that I write, I have a feeling this blog’s personality will grow and change as it progresses.

I appreciate your support!