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Writing Tip Thursday: Stop When You’re On A Roll

I want to start giving some writing tips each week. I am, by no means, an expect when it comes to writing fiction or anything else. I have, however, discovered some things along my journey that has made my writing life much easier. I want to share those realizations with you. Whether they give you an “ah ha!” moment or you simply respond with a /facepalm, welcome to the first installment of Writing Tip Thursday. 
Stop When You’re On A Roll
No matter how excited you are about what you write, it’s still a roller coaster ride. I know this is true with my own writing. There are parts of my book that I could work on for hours, words flying onto the page as fast as my fingers can type. These are the parts that make it easy to write and these are the parts that I always look forward to. 
Then there are the sections of my book that are a little harder. Not because I dislike what I’m writing about, but because it might be an area that needs more research. Or I may have to rewrite a section of dialogue, over and over again, until it has the right feel. Whatever the reason, it’s easy for me to get distracted, to call it an early night, or just drag my feet about getting started in the first place. 
Here’s the trick about a roller coaster ride. Zooming down those exhilarating sections of track is what makes it possible to climb up the next hill. You’ve got to gain some speed or you’re just going to sit there. 
That’s something I finally figured out about my writing. When I get to a point in my work where I’m really focused and writing easily, I work for a long while and then I stop before I’m finished with that section. Why? Because it makes me look forward to picking up my laptop the next day and continuing where I left off. I’m building up speed at the beginning of a writing session so that it’s easier as I approach the next hill. 
It’s not always possible to time it like that. However, I have found that if I can begin and end a session racing down that track, full of enthusiasm, I get a whole lot more accomplished.